German Genethics Network Partners

There are almost 16 tenant companies with 700 highly specialized employees residing at FIZ, who are using a customized infrastructure with access to shared services. FIZ has further network companies, from which 7 are collaborating to bring forward the German Genethics Project.

German Genethics uses optimal therapy with the aid of Big Data which combines molecular – genetic diagnosis of individuals cancer tissue with cumulative knowledge about various cancerous conditions and their treatment. This results in a well-founded individual treatment plan.

FIZ provides a unique Knowledge – IT Infrastructure ( House of New German Engineering), on which individual network companies are coordinated. The combine capabilities, expertise, and experience of these companies and institutions create additional value and attract other entities to join.

The groups partners consist of:

Interxion: ( a server farm and a data center) is the backbone of the highly professional IT infrastructure.

Evolvus: Provides large scale annotation of biological, therapuetic, secondary evidence and clinical data.

GFE Blut: has an expertise in high through-put blood screening and supports the project in the field of liquid biopsy.

Max Planck Research Unit for Neurogenetics: Research unit for neurogenetics provides a NanoString technology for the gene expression analysis.

Cedem AG Germany: a pioneer company working in healthcare sector as a leading service provider of healthcare products for emerging markets and the MENA region. Cedem Ag is the sole representative of FIZ in the MENA region.

GenXpro: DNA sequencing, epigenetics, analysis of ctDNA (“Liquid Biopsies”) and gene expression analysis as well as bioinformatics.

Personome Inc.: The American company operates in the area of cancer diagnostics and constructs a complex knowledge base in the field of oncology for clinical interpretation of Precision Medicine datasets.

Dr. Seckenburg Institute of Pathology, University Hospital Frankfurt: Provides pathological-anatomical services of histology, as well as molecular pathology services.

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