Precision Medicine

The Precision Medicine Project is one of the most important stepping stones in my journey and no matter how much you try to attain or achieve from your vision, you must always remember to give back.

Being aware of my social responsibilities, I believe my contribution to Jordan and the Middle East is very essential on both a personal and professional level. 

OptiCancer test  has the potential to save lives and reduce the annual count to cancer related deaths. With modern German technology, OptiCancer test will enhance and develop modern day healthcare.

Although we have started this service by focusing on cancer, we will follow with many other diseases such as Diabetes, Asthma and Cardiovascular diseases.

Building Leaders

One of the main elements of being an entrepreneur is to be innovative and take risks. While mentoring my employees I  often promote this philosophy to help encourage them to become intrapreneurs and leaders.

I would like to take the innovative skills, expertise, and technologies I acquired in Europe, and transfer them to my home country and society.

Rasha Oudeh, CEO

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