About FIZ

The Frankfurt Innovation Center (FIZ) for biotechnology is governmentally owned, market-oriented, and a non – profit technology center established in 2002. It is operated under the ownership of the state of Hesse, the city of Frankfurt am Main Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The company’s purpose is to support the development of the biotechnology economy, by promoting and maintaining potential available in that field, and establish companies in the biotechnology areas in the region.

Driven by innovation, FIZ realizes that bringing fresh knowhow to emerging markets promotes their development. The purpose is to adapt existing solutions to the specific needs of the target market. With the political support from the State of Hesse and City Council of Frankfurt am Main, FIZ would be pleasured to have you as a global partner in precision medicine.

For more information about FIZ visit : http://www.fiz-biotech.de/en/

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