Work flow

OptiCancer® is an all-inclusive tumor genomicprofile that applies next-generationsequencing (NGS) in a unique approach to identifygenomic alterations across all genes known to berelevant to tumors with highaccuracy of at least 99%.


A standard biopsy sample in the form of an FFPE block or Fresh Frozen is required.

We provide you with our unique buffer solution for the fresh frozen samples in order to optimize the sample preservation. The fresh frozen samples are preferred to the FFPE samples because around 20% DNA degrades due to fixation and poor paraffin quality in FFPE.


Modern DNA Next-Generation sequencing is performed.The Illumina NextSeq 500 system enables sequencing of exomes, whole genomes, and transcriptomes.

After DNA sequencing, cancer cells mutations are analyzed, the patient’s genetic variants and the molecular characterization of the tumor are matched to all relevant and current information using algorithm driven database searches.


A report with the most suitable treatment options is provided to empower the decision.

The results are provided in a highly detailed report via an FTP server. Any relevant alterations found in any of the genes on the current clinically relevant gene panel list will be identified in the report under Genomic Findings. The mutated bio marker and its variations are identified and placed by the provided patient history in the first page of the report. In some cases, relevant negatives are also displayed; these are genes that have no alterations but are consistently related to the specific tumor type (e.g. KRAS in colon cancer, EGFR in lung cancer).

Sample Specification

The following guidelines are necessary to ensure the feasibility of our tests and to provide you with the best quality of results. If you are not familiar with those, please discuss with your pathologist or contact us directly.

  • 1. Please note that for the highest DNA and RNA quality, Fresh Frozen material instead of FFPE derived material is preferred.
  • 2. For the gene expression analyses as well as to decipher somatic from germ line mutations, tumor and healthy tissue must be provided.

Fresh Frozen

Fresh Frozen samples should have a size of at least 3 cubic mm and must be placed in the provided screw-cap tube containing the GXP-Lysis buffer directly after surgery. The buffer can be sent in advance. Please transfer the tumor tissue in one of the provided lysis buffer containing tubes and mark it with “T” using a permanent marker. Another tube marked “h” shall contain the healthy materials unless the tubes are already marked.


The tumor and the healthy tissue from FFPE sample shall be transferred into two seperate tubes, one for the tumor tissue ( marked “T”), and another one for healthy tissue marked “h”( please ask your pathologist)

A. If whole slices are shipped, 10 slices of 10 μm are usually enough if they contain at least an area 5×5 mm squared of sample. If the slide contains tumor and healthy tissue, one glass covered slide shall be shipped on which the tumor part shall be enriched using permanent marker and marked a “T”, the healthy part with an “H”.

. If an FFPE block is shipped and contains tumor and healthy tissue parts, please send an additional slide of the block, where the tumor tissue and the healthy tissue is marked as described in part D.

C. Make sure that the sections on each slide are oriented similarly.

D. Do not place cover slips on unstained slides.

A sample will be considered to be not valid in the case of the material sent does not fulfill upper mentioned requirements.

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