Within OptiCancer® we accelerate the integration of genetic data with the knowledge of leading journals and biological patterns for individualized cancer treatments.”

Flexibility governs our solutions;  besides our standard panels we offer customized genetic analysis in accordance to the patient’s needs. Personalized medicine is empowering because your personal genetic and other predictive information allows you to take action that is specific for you –rather than the “one size fits all” approach. We offer different level of analyses for your genes.

1- Accel-Amplicon™ 56G Oncology Panel v2

Our standard panel is the Swift Biosciences panel: AccelAmplicon 56G Oncology Panel v2. It is compatible with short DNAfragments from the samples and to generate targeted libraries compatible with Illumina sequencing platforms. This panelutilizes a 263-amplicon design, covering over 16,000 COSMIC mutations and includes 104 exonic.

Covering this wide range of clinically relevant genes gives a more comprehensive genetic profile compared to the more common “single gene” tests. Including the most commoncancer-driving genes that are rarely or never tested reveals alterations that may lead toadditional treatment options for physicians and their patients to consider.

2- Whole Exome Sequencing and Gene Expression

The sequencing of the entire coding region of the genome (exome). This test can be combined with the gene expression analyses which allow the identification of transcripts(genes) from the tumour that are highly expressed. The information is translated into pathways.The rationale behind the analyses is that the genomic mutations landscape will be compared to different databases that contain the information from clinical trials and peer reviewed journals about the effects, and treatability of known SNPs.

The same approach is performed with the gene expression data after correlation to different databases. If no information can be retrieved, the hypothesis driven approach will be used. This approach is identifying the treatments which are best suited to antagonize the upregulated pathways of the tumour using databases that contain information about drug effects.

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