The OptiCancer® club is composed of professionals in the medical and business fields. The club’s vision is to form a platform of synergy and help the advancement of cancer treatment and analysis. The diverse background of club members along with their expertise, will help create an opportunity for new innovative ideas, and transcend the technology to further benefit the health industry.

Although the OptiCancer’s concept is relatively new, we believe the combination of skills that our clubs professionals hold will further develop the projects potentials, and implement the use of OptiCancer® report by assisting health physicians.

OptiCancer Board Members                    Position                                                                                                        

Ms. Rasha Oudeh                                        CEO of CEDEM AG                                                         

Dr. Christian Garbe                                      Managing Director of FIZ                                   

Dr. Gerhard Gustav Steinmann                  Chief Scientific Expert of Personome              

Dr. Kurt Roth                                                 Managing Director GFE Blut 

Dr. Sana Al Sukhun                                     President of Jordan Oncology Society

Dr. Florian Greten                                        Director of Georg-Speyer-Haus

OptiCancer Club Members                     Position

Dr. Sami Al Khatib                                      Clinical Oncologist

Dr. Abdelrahman Anani                             Pulmonologist

Dr. Maha Aranaout                                      Pediatric Oncologist

Dr. Mohammed Dowairi                            Hematologist 

Dr. Samir Al Kayed                                      Oncologist

Dr. Salah Halasa                                           Oncosurgeon

Mr. Wajdi Makhamreh                                Investment & Economic Specialist

Mr.  Khalid Kakish                                        Managing Director for Dar Al  Shifa Tumor Treatment

Dr. Marwan Akasheh                                   Oncologist

Dr. Jamal  Dabbas                                        Cardiologist – Internist- Dermatologist

H.E Rateb Al Wazani                                    Lawyer

H.E Adnan Talhouni                                     Chairman of Al Bayraq for Financial Consultation

Dr. Belal El Hawwari                                    Oncologist

Dr. Faris Madanat                                         Pediatric Oncologist

Dr. Arkan Mohammad                                 Director General of Al Ansega Private Laboratoris






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