OptiCancer® is intended to empower you by using your personal genetics and integrating the genetic data with the knowledge of leading journals and biological patterns for individualized cancer treatments.

Benefits to the patient:

  • Pinpointing the optimal drugs.
  • Helping to avoid adverse drug reactions.
  • Increasing treatment options – hypothesis driven.
  • Increasing success rate of therapies
  • Saving time and money on less suitable treatments

Benefits to Clinics

  • More quickly targeting right treatment for a patient.
  • Improved performance and reputation of the clinic.
  • Expansion to a knowledge-driven institution.
  • Faster connecting patients to a right clinical trial.

Benefits to Healthcare System

  • Saving costs for patients, clinics and insurances through a more efficient healthcare system.
  • Decreasing society’s socioeconomic burden from disease by increasing the productivity of the citizens and decreasing the number of premature deaths.