About Cedem AG

With the use of German technologies and the collaboration of the Frankfurt innovation Center, Cedem AG (Germany), has been able to develop the OptiCancer project. The Cancer Treatment Optimization Solution will hopefully aid oncologists in making more effective decisions when it comes to treating their patients.

We strive to give patients the best care by providing them with the most effective treatment options by utilizing German capabilities and expertise. We trust that our innovative project will further develop cancer treatment technologies, and change patients perspective and help them believe that just because you have cancer, does not mean you cant live a long and fulfilling life.

Our Vision is to implement a market-oriented technology which improves public healthcare in the MENA region, by tailoring cancer treatments with the use of genetic profiling. 

A Word from the CEO

My journey has proven that a successful business does not solely rely on capital, but in mastering business competencies. 

Rhine-Main offers international pharmaceutical companies, as well as enterprises of all sizes and corners of the globe to develop and flourish. Traditional and historical ties may be the driving force for many nationalities to come and live in Frankfurt, but for a Middle Eastern entrepreneur, business prosperity is the future.

A woman entrepreneur may reside in any place, but she will always dwell at the scene that takes her breath away. Here, between Frankfurt and Zurich, I discovered that i could achieve my ambitions to their full possible potential.

OptiCancer is one of the most important stepping stones in my journey. No matter how much you try to attain or achieve from your vision, you must always remember to give back. Being aware of my social responsibilities, i believe my contribution to Jordan and the Middle Eastis very essential on both a personal and professional level. I would like to take the  innovative skills, expertise, and technologies I acquired in Europe, and transfer them to my home country and society.

I think OptiCancer has the potential to save lives and reduce the annual count to cancer related deaths. With modern German technology, OptiCancer will enhance and develop modern day healthcare.

Rasha Oudeh, CEO