Who We Are 

CEDEM AG (Germany) is a privately owned company based in Frankfurt city working in international health care sector  headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

OptiCancer is an innovative project powered by CEDEM AG (Germany), It is a cancer treatment optimizing solution which we strives to establish throughout the MENA region with the German Genethics Network, backed by FIZ.

Our Vision is to implement this market-oriented technology which improves public healthcare by tailoring cancer treatments using genetic profiling through utilizing German capabilities and expertise.

OptiCancer Club

The OptiCancer club is composed of experienced professionals in the medical and business fields.

The clubs vision is to form a platform of synergy and help the advancement of cancer treatment and analysis. The diverse background of club members along with their expertise, will help create an opportunity for new innovative ideas, and transcend the technology to further benefit the health industry.

Dr. Christian Garbe

Dr. Björn Rotter

Dr. Sabine von Oesterreich

Dr. Amjad Aryan

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Our Innovation Video

OptiCancer® uses German High Tech solutions to assist oncologists in making more accurate decisions when it comes to diagnosing or treating patients. The project does not only assist an oncologist in decision making, but it also gives a more coherent analysis of every individual patient’s medical condition.


Seven Frankfurter companies are collaborating to bring forward the German Genethics project.

FiZ provides a unique knowledge-and IT infrastructure (House of "New. German Engineering"), on which the individual network companies are coordinated. The combined capabilities, expertise and experience of the companies and institutions create high additional value and attract other entities to join.