Jordanian Oncology Society holds a Conference for Cancer Awareness.

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On October 7th, the Jordanian Oncology Society (JOS) held the third woman Oncology conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Amman in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Dr. Sana al Sukhun, president of the JOS and Board member of the  OptiCancer club and Dr. Sami al Khatib who is a an opticancer club member along with oncologists Dr. Sameh Hashem and Dr. Jamal Masad, had an open discussion on cancer disease. The event was made to spread awareness on cancer, early diagnosis, and treatment options. The oncologists targeted many types of cancer but focused on breast cancer which is the number one cancer in women in Jordan, and colon cancer which is the number one in men and number two in women in Jordan. 

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