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Frankfurt am Main is one of Europe’s leading financial cities, where many companies are known to excel and flourish. Residing in the German state of Hesse, Frankfurt, has a population of approximately 700,000, and about 50,000 companies.

The city’s distinguished infrastructure makes an ideal city for companies to prosper in. Frankfurt’s well established railway stations and world class airport have helped make it a main traffic hub in Europe. Frankfurt attracts a highly skilled workforce from all corners of the globe. 

All of these factors have helped many companies in the city of Frankfurt,transcend and become leaders in key business sectors worldwide.

The European Central Bank is headquartered in Frankfurt, along with many other leading financial institutions. This is why the city is of high importance when it comes to international monetary policy. Frankfurt is also home to the world’s largest internet exchange points and data centers, which help interconnect businesses and customers.

With its excellent infrastructure, central location, professional labor-pool, high quality data services, and seat to the European world’s central bank, Frankfurt is with no doubt one of the leading business cities around the globe.

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