Precision Medicine

One-size-fi­ts-all treatments are no longer sufficient. Precision Medicine is an emerging treatment approach that takes into account individual genetic features as well as environmental influences and lifestyles to develop individualized care

Cancer Genomics

Cancer is a disease of the genome, and as we learn more about the molecular changes that are associated with cancer we are able to tailor more effective treatment strategies to the genetic profi­le of each patient’s cancer.

Our Product

A solid and safe German engineered reporting service is provided to international clinics and doctors. Thus enabling the treating doctor to make an informed and tailored decision for each cancer patient.

The OptiCancer Test

Optimizing Modern Day Healthcare

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The OptiCancer Test Helps Oncologists Offer Patients Personalized and Efficient Treatments

  • Genomic findings with clinical evidence
  • Gene Information
  • More likely beneficial treatments
  • Clinical trial drugs
  • Drug information
  • Reference scientific papers

High Innovative Technology & Professional Dentists

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OptiCancer Club

Board Members

  • Dr. Christian Garbe
    Dr. Christian Garbe Managing Director of the Frankfurt Innovation Center
  • Ms. Rasha Oudeh
    Ms. Rasha Oudeh CEO of Cedem AG
  • Prof. Dr. Florian Greten
    Prof. Dr. Florian Greten Director of Georg-Speyer-Haus
  • Prof. Dr. med. W. Kurt Roth
    Prof. Dr. med. W. Kurt Roth Managing Director of GFE Blut mbH

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The Frankfurt Innovation Center for Biotechnology


The  Frankfurt Innovation Center for Biotechnology (FIZ) is a market-oriented technology center operated under a public-private partnership.

The purpose of FIZ is to support the development of biotechnology, promote and maintain its potential , and establish companies of such nature in the region. 


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